Monday, November 24, 2014

On My Bookshelf: The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife by Darlene Schacht

 I was thrilled when Darlene Schacht of  Time-Warp Wife made it possible for fellow bloggers to read and review her book released earlier this year.  I finished reading this book a few months back, and it has taken me a moment to think of what I really want to share with you all about this small book of great impact.

I will start out by saying that during the time I received this book, I was struggling in my role as a wife.  I truly was not being a virtuous wife so I knew that this book was right on time, and a blessing.

I took my time reading it to allow each scripture and message to manifest itself within me.  I did not desire to hurry through it.

Darlene focuses on 18 virtues related to being a virtuous wife including: diligence, self-control, encouraging, loving, patient, humble, faithful, and forgiving.  The thing that I enjoyed most about this book is that Darlene shared some of her story, God's word, and bible study through SOAP.

My favorite section was "A Joyful Wife".  She references 2 Corinthians 9:6-8, and shares with the readers that when we give of ourselves generously we will receive generously. She is not limiting this to finances, but in all that we do including child rearing, home making, and helping others. There were times throughout this year that I found myself growing weary from my tasks, but you know the words in this chapter did wonders for my heart.

This book could be considered as a how-to to being a Christ-Centered wife, but I saw it as encouragement to continue to seek Christ in all that you do even when you think that you have everything under control.  This book is a great reminder of the things that we should strive to focus on during our journey as humans not just wives.

No matter where you are in marriage, I would recommend The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife.  It can be  gentle encouragement, confirmation of the things that you are already doing, or it could be used as a weekly devotional to keep you centered.

I received The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife as free ebook from Darlene Schacht, but because I really did find the book a great resource I purchased the Kindle version of the book to access it easier. All opinions of this book are my own.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Cranberry Christmas

I wouldn't have thought to do a study about cranberries, but I was recently given the opportunity to review Cranberry Christmas for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  It seemed to be a perfect study with Thanksgiving around the corner.  The fact that cranberry sauce is one of my Thanksgiving favorites may have also played a small role.

Cranberry Christmas is an ebook available through The Old Schoolhouse.  The book is compilation of all things cranberry.  One of the best parts of this book was the fictional stories.  One story we enjoyed was Cranberries at Christmas which gently reminded us to be grateful, and that God is always with us. Not only does this ebook provide wholesome stories, but it also shares an abundance of factual information on the cranberry.  We learned quite a few new things about this little berry. I had no idea that Wisconsin was the largest producer of cranberries in the United States.  The crossword puzzle was an added bonus.  It was a perfect review for all the new information that we learned about cranberries.  There were also recipes including one for cranberry sauce, poems, and links to activities that center around one of North America's native berries, the cranberry.

I found that this study was perfect for our relaxed style of learning.  It was nice to cuddle with the girls as we read the stories.  The writing style of the ebook made it enjoyable, and did not make feel pressure to do every single activity within it.  It gave me the comfort of knowing that I could pull any of these activities in future years to enjoy with my daughters as the holiday season approaches. I am looking forward to making cranberry dye! I would say this book definitely made feel more in the holiday spirit.

Another component of this ebook that I found helpful was the internet links to cranberry inspired activities. The links provided me with more ideas to incorporate hands on activities to the study, but I was disappointed to find that some of the links did not go directly to the activity.  I will say that searching for the activities on some of the sites was not necessarily a bad thing because I was able to find projects that would fit perfectly for my family at this present time.  Most of the activities that we completed were edible!

We baked Cranberry Pecan Chocolate Chip muffins.  My husband said that the cranberries were a nice little surprise.

 We also made marshmallow snowmen with Craisins for earmuffs!

Overall, my daughters and I enjoyed Cranberry Christmas.  It was a nice change to our homeschool, and we all learned something new.  It provided us with a new topic to study with little legwork on my part.

If you are looking for a memorable unit study during this holiday season, Cranberry Christmas may be for you. It isn’t overwhelming which is nice as we head into the holidays.  It was inspiring for me.  I found myself looking for more cranberry related activities and books after reading this ebook. You can learn more about Cranberry Christmas here.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

This Thankful Thursday

I had grand plans of writing each day this month about all the things that I am thankful for, but as you can see that did not happen.  Although, I did not make it to this place to write. I did remain in remembrance daily of the things that I am truly thankful.

Here are a few, and they are not in any particular order...

1. Clarity
2. Grace
4. Christ
5. My children
6. My husband
7. People that have entered my life for the better
8. Trials that have only made me stronger
9. Laughter
10. Our dog
11. My bible
12. My friends
13. The drive that He has given me.
14. Food that I don't always want to cook.
15. Strength to cook versus going out(2 weeks without any fast food)
16. Blogs, books, magazines that lead me back to Him
17. Our jewelry business. I meet so many interesting people when we go to events.
18. Our parents who are always supportive.
19. Faith
20. Daily chores and life, and the ability and strength to make it through each day.
21. Community Bible Study and the wonderful women I've met through the years.

Today I taught a lesson to some four year old children about the Feast of Tabernacles.  It was a wonderful reminder of all of the great things God does for us daily.  Those things that we can easily forget about or brush to the side because they are our normal or because we are no longer going through.  I try to stay in remembrance, but as you know the hustle and bustle of life can be a huge distraction. What are some things that you are thankful for?  You can share here if you like.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lately, I have been in a fog of busyness. Every day I have a commitment for something.  The funny thing is it all kind of sneaked {or snuck} up on me.  I don't keep count of my yeses.  If it tugs my heart, then chances are I will say yes.  If it is a need, then chances are I will say yes.  Well, with all of my yeses I have brought myself to a point of exhaustion.  I have had to subtract myself from numerous equations in order to find restoration and focus.

I don't believe that anything that I formerly said yes to was bad, but I have learned {and been reminded} during this time that I am not called to do everything even if it is something good.  In my willingness to say yes often, I just may be getting in the way of someone else's opportunity to say yes. The person that the task was originally designed.

Starting now, I am finding rest.  Whether it is 10 minutes of solitude after lunch or not jumping out of bed first thing {I started doing this once my schedule became overwhelmed}.  I am returning to rest in Him often.  I missed the moments of peace.  I guess I didn't realize the magnitude of resting in my Savior daily until I found myself not resting.

Today make sure you take a moment or two of rest.  Find the peace that only He can give.


Friday, October 31, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Leave

Shortly after we moved here, I was ready to LEAVE.  It was too this, not enough that.  Just horrible.  But this place that I so desperately wanted to leave was the place that I have grown the most.  I have learned the most.  I have challenged myself the most.

There is a love that I have for this town that will always remain no matter where our forever home may be because it is the place that taught me to trust in myself, to follow dreams, to grow in my faith, and so much more.

So now when we leave, it won't be runaway sorta thing, but the let me take flight and soar leave.

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